Sex and sexuality are deeply important parts of our experience of self; they are parts that are often overlooked and under-nurtured. They are parts that are scary, difficult to share, and hard to take in from other people. Fortunately they can also be sources of great joy, exploration, and understanding. I believe that talking about sex and sexuality has to be more than condoms and reproduction. It has to include conversations about cultivating trust and what happens when it's broken, about our deepest curiosities and what (good or bad) could happen if we explored them, and about the true value of sexual experiences, even the hard parts. Having honest conversations with ourselves about our wants and needs is absolutely necessary to our survival as individuals and communities. The ability to interrogate and explore our own pleasure and satisfaction (sexual or otherwise) is crucial not only for our sexual selves, but for our political, social, and psychological selves as well.

Each standard sex and sexuality workshop includes at least basic safer sex information, including barrier usage and consent navigation, as well as information about trauma-informed practitioners and how to navigate disclosures of sexual violence or assault. I believe in intergenerational learning and most workshops are accessible to anyone aged 14 or older; I also offer age-restricted and custom workshops for groups as young as 8 to target specific areas of concern or curiosity. I am experienced in talking about kink (sometimes referred to interchangeably as BDSM), sex work, and multi-partner connections; moreover, I celebrate and welcome honest conversation on each of these topics, regardless of your experience level. These sessions are not solely about what we may do in our bedrooms -- they are about understanding how to give ourselves permission to enjoy ourselves and others, and how to do that safely and with confidence. 

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